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Vattukuru Snowshoe Trail, 2 km, Circle Trail

Parking Lumikenkäily Kuivakäymälä Luontopolku Laavu

Available when the ground is unfrozen. Travel time 2‒3 h, at a minimum.
CategoryKeskivaativa reitti Intermediate

The short but varied Vattukuru Snowshoe Trail is suitable for families with children.

Along Vattukuru Snowshoe Trail, it is easy to explore the wintry Syöte area. Photo: Vastavalo / Heikki Ketola

Starting Point
Vattukuru parking area, Syötekyläntie 1638, Pudasjärvi (

Koordinaatit: WGS84 - lat: 65° 39.1403' lon: 27° 46.8795'

Hiking Structures
Vattukuru lean-to shelter, a dry toilet, a woodshed.

Trail Description
Vattukuru Snowshoe Trail presents the natural world of Syöte National Park at its best. The trail zigzags in an old-growth forest and passes by a large slope bog. You can take a break at a pleasant lean-to shelter in Vattukuru Ravine.

The trail starts from the Vattukuru parking area. It has been marked in the terrain with ribbons and there are signposts by the intersections of the trails. When snowshoeing clockwise, the first part of the trail consists of an ascent onto a rocky area from where it descends to the bottom of the ravine. After the lean-to shelter in the ravine, the trail ascends for a while and then runs along a level terrain, back to the parking area. 

Please Note
Please note that the snowshoe trail and the rest spot are not maintained in the winter, and after snowstorms, they are covered with snow.

Teerivaaran kierros, 6 km, Circle Trail

Parking Lumikenkäily Kuivakäymälä Päivätupa Luontokeskus Nähtävyyksien ja näköalojen katselu

Available in winter time. Travel time at least 2 - 3 h.

CategoryVaativa reitti Demaning

Teerivaara Snowshoe Trail is an excellent day trip destination for those who like brisk exercise. The large altitude differences make the trail challenging.

Syöte provides a wonderful setting for winter outdoor activities. Photo: Vastavalo / Heikki Ketola

Starting Point
Syöte Visitor Centre, Erätie 1, 93280 Syöte, Pudasjärvi (

Koordinaatit: WGS84 - lat: 65° 38.1343' lon: 27° 36.4971'

Hiking Structures
Annintupa Day Trip Hut, a dry toilet and a woodshed.

Trail Description
It is worth all the effort to climb onto the summit of Teerivaara Hill. From the top of the wooded hill, handsome views open out towards Iso-Syöte and to the national park. Trees crowned with snow (from Christmas to February) are stunningly beautiful.

The snowshoe trail starts from Syöte Visitor Centre, by the national park's gate, and it has been marked with red snow-ploughing indicator sticks. When snowshoeing clockwise, the trail first descends to a mire from where it ascends onto the top of Teerivaara Hill, which boasts twin peaks. The ascent is demanding, but it will be awarded by splendid views towards the national park. From the hilltop, the trail descends to a fold between the wooded hills, from where it slightly ascends towards the northern peak of Teerivaara Hill. From there, the trail descends steeply, along the national park's borderline. From below, the trail runs along a mire to Annintupa Day Trip Hut where you can light a campfire and have snacks. From the Annintupa Day Trip Hut, the trail gently ascends back to the visitor centre, along the Naavaparran polku Trail.

Please Note
Please note that the trail is not maintained in the winter, and after snowstorms, it is covered with snow. 

National Park's Winter Biking Trails 36.5 km

Maastopyöräily Parking Kuivakäymälä Autiotupa Varaustupa Päivätupa Luontokeskus Nähtävyyksien ja näköalojen katselu

Available in the winter. Travel time varies.
CategoryKeskivaativa reitti Intermediate - Vaativa reitti Demaning

Syöte National Park's winter bike trails start from Syöte Visitor Centre. The winter bike trails are meant for fatbikes and are suitable for those with some experience in biking and outdoor activities. The trails are levelled once a week, at a minimum.

Syöte MTB Winter Trails offer a wide range of trails in the Syöte National Park. Photo: Heikki Ketola

Starting Point
Syöte Visitor Centre, Erätie 1, 93280 Syöte, Pudasjärvi (

Hiking Structures
Annintupa Day Trip Hut, Koiratupa Day Trip Hut, Välitupa Day Trip Hut, Ylpiätupa Day Trip Hut, Ahmatupa Open Wilderness Hut, Ahmatupa Reservable Wilderness HutToraslampi Open Wilderness Hut, Rytivaara Rerservable Wilderness HutRytivaara campfire site, Ahmakallio observation tower.

Trail Description
It is practical to set off for the national park's winter bike trails from Syöte Visitor Centre, where you can buy a printed trail map and obtain up-to-date information on the condition of the trails. The wilderness trails run along the national park's maintenance tracks and they have not been marked in the terrain, except by the intersection of the trails.

From the visitor centre, the winter bike trail first runs to Annintupa Day Trip Hut and continues, along a bridge, across River Pärjänjoki. After a couple of kilometres, the trail branches and you can continue either via Selkävaara to Ahmatupa Hut, or to the Toraslampi Open Wilderness Hut. From the trail, you can pop in to Välitupa Day Trip Hut, Ylpiätupa Day Trip Hut and Koiratupa Day Trip Hut where you can light a campfire.

From week 8 onwards, there is a trail from the Toraslampi Open Wilderness Hut to Rytivaara Crown Tenant Farm.

Please Note
The trails are maintained once a week, at a minimum. After snowstorms, the trails cannot always be maintained quickly. When setting off for a winter excursion, even a short one, take a spare set of clothes, food, hot drinks, as well as a map and a compass with you.

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Syöte Visitor Centre +358 206 39 6550

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Enterprises operating in Syöte National Park provide accommodation and guided excursions, as well as hire out bicycles, canoe equipment and snowshoes.

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