Southern Konnevesi National Park

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Loukkulampi pond. Photo: Jere Ekosaari

The Emblem of Southern Konnevesi National Park - OspreyIn Southern Konnevesi National Park, visitors can enjoy the wide open waters of the lake in a boat, or canoe through a maze of islands among smooth glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls. In the clear water, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the depths that are the domain of the wild lake brown trout. Breathtaking contrasts characterise this national park. You can trek from herb-rich forests to high cliffs for a view over the magnificent landscape of the osprey.

Suitability: Ideal whether you want to enjoy a boat excursion or go by land. Parts of the terrain feature steep slopes. The Vuori-Kalaja area is accessible for assisted wheelchair users (300 m) and there is an accessible jetty on the Lapinsalo island.

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