Services along Pyhä-Luosto Trail

Drinking Water

  • At the Rykimäkero rest spot and by Lake Huttujärvi, there are household water wells the water quality of which is regularly monitored.
  • Water bottles can be filled at the national park's visitor centre and at the hotels in the area.
  • Surface water, such as the water in lakes, rivers and streams, should be boiled for several minutes before you drink it as the quality of the area's waters varies from place to place and depending on the temperature.
  • Read tips given on drinking water.

Waste Management

  • The national park is a litter-free hiking destination. The national park's huts and lean-to shelters are maintained by the Metsähallitus fieldworkers as well as by a local entrepreneur (a purchased service). However, the tidiness of the huts and the lean-to shelters as well as waste management rely on the hikers' own initiative. Hikers must carry waste away from nature.
  • You can get more information on recycling and waste management at Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava or the Hiking Without Littering page.

Campfire Sites and Huts

  • Along the trail, there are several rest spots that are equipped with a shelter (a lean-to shelter, a hut or a Lapp ‘kota' hut), a campfire site, a woodshed and a dry toilet. In addition, you can visit the Karhunjuomalampi, Kapusta and Pyhälampi Day Trip Huts, where you can also prepare food. The Yli-Luosto and Huttuloma Open Wilderness Huts are also available to visitors. The Huttujärvi, Yrjölä (at Luosto) and Kuukkeli Rental Huts (by the banks of the River Pyhäjoki) are meant for overnight stays. Besides, there is also a reservable wilderness hut at Kuukkeli, where you can book beds for eight people.  
  • If a forest fire warning is in effect, lighting a fire is only allowed in the fireplaces inside the huts and homes. When a forest fire warning is in effect, lighting campfires is forbidden even at the campfire sites.
  • For more information about lighting campfires at designated spots, see the fire-related instructions in the section Hiking in Finland.

Kapusta daytrip hut. Photo: Anna Pakkanen


  • There are dry toilets at all the huts and campfire sites.

Overnight Stays

Camping, Lean-to Shelters and Campfire Shelters

  • Camping is permitted by wilderness huts, lean-to shelters and Lapp pole tents. Visitors may also stay overnight inside the lean-to shelters and campfire shelters.

Open Wilderness Huts

Yliluosto open wilderness hut. Photo: Joonas Katajisto

Rental Huts

  • There are rental huts at Huttujärvi and Luosto, which can be reserved for a few days. The Huttujärvi Rental Hut is located by the Pyhä-Luosto Trail. The Yrjölä Rental Hut is a bit further away from the main route but it is located in a handsome and peaceful place in the island of woods in the Pyhänlatva-aapa mire. The Kuukkeli Rental Hut is located by the banks of the River Pyhäjoki. There is a sauna at all rental huts.

Kuukkeli rental hut on the shore of Pyhäjoki river. Photo: Anna Pakkanen
Other Services

  • Both of the fell centres in the Pyhä-Luosto Tourist Region provide a large variety of accommodation and tourism services. More detailed information on the accommodation services can be found on the Pyhätunturi ( and Luosto ( websites as well as on Lapland's tourism portal (
  • Enquire about the car transport services provided by local tourism entrepreneurs.
  • More information is available on the services in the nearby area on the Pyhä-Luosto Tourist Region's website as well as on the websites of the municipalities of Pelkosenniemi (, in Finnish), Sodankylä ( and Kemijärvi (