What´s Currently Happening in Kvarken Archipelago

Saltkaret tower in Svedjehamn is open again

(Updated 21.2.2019)
Ice and snow on the stairs of the Saltkaret sight tower have melted. Welcome to admire wintry world heritage views !

Saltkaret tower in Svedjehamn is closed until furher notice

(Updated 13.2.2019)
The stairs in the Saltkaret tower in Svedjehamn are very icy and because of visitor safety the tower is closed until furher notice. We will notify when Saltkaret tower is open again.

Saltkaret tower, icy stairs. Photo: Malin Henriksson.


Several fallen trees along the nature trails in Kvarken World Heritage Site

(Updated 9.1.2019)
Because of the recent strom, many trees have fallen down along the nature trails in the Kvarken World Heritage area. At least Risö, ´Öjen, Sommarö and Bodvattnet trails have fallen trees.
We will remove the fallen trees shortly and notify you when the work is done.


Söderskatas Toilet not in use at Västerö Nature Trail

(Updated 9.1.2019)
A large spruce has fallen over the outdoor toilet at Söderskatas campfire place along the Västerö nature trail. The tree has been removed, but the fallen tree root underneath the toilet prevents the use of the toilet.