Top 5 locations in Riisitunturi for nature photographers

Ice and snow covered trees in Riisitunturi. Photo: Sari Alatossava.

Riisitunturi National Park is known for its crown snow laden spruce trees in winter, hanging bogs in summer, and bare fells with open scenery. On top of the bare Riisitunturi fell, northern lights and sunsets appear especially magnificent. Riisitunturi is a compact photography location all year round.

In winter, however, note that days are short and the conditions may be harsh due to snow and freezing temperatures.

1. Ikkunalampi

Riisitunturin Ikkunalampi. Kuva: Mari Limnell

A small pond between the summits of Riisitunturi and Pikku Riisitunturi fells.

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2. Riisitunturi

Tykkyä Riisitunturilla. Kuva: Vastavalo-Pentti Sormunen

There is a magnificent view from the treeless top towards lake Kitkajärvi. A great place to take pictures of snow-loaded trees. The site is extremely popular among visitors and if you prefer a spot with untouched snow, we recommend the Pikku Riisitunturi and Soilunvaara hills, which are located north of Riisitunturi.

The distance from the parking area is about 1.7 kilometres.

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3. Pikku Riisitunturi

Pikku Riisitunturi fell opens views towards Rukatunturi and Kitka Lakes. Photo: Minna Koramo

A magnificent view towards lake Kitkajärvi. Snow-loaded trees in winter. In winter, this site is less crowded than Riisitunturi.

The distance from the Riisitunturi wilderness hut is 800 metres.

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4. Soilunvaara 

A view from Soilu lean-to shelter. Photo: Minna Koramo.

Snow-loaded trees in winter. More untouched snow than at Riisitunturi. In winter, you can reach the site by skis from the Riisitunturi wilderness hut (about 3 km).

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5. Koljatinlaki 

One of the magnificent views from Riisitunturi to surroundings. Pekka Veteläinen.

Views towards lake Kitkajärvi and the forests and mires of the national park. Fairly difficult to reach.

The distance from Riisitunturi is about 11 kilometres.

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