What's Currently Happening in Kurjenrahka National Park

Kurjenrahka ski track

(Updated on 14th of February 2019)
The ski track in Kurjenrahka is closed because of water on the track

Well water in Lakjärvi is not drinkable

(Updated on 17th of July 2018)
Well water should be avoided near Kurjenrahka National Park, in Kuhankuono hiking trail network. Fecal E.coli bacteria was found in samples taken from the well water in Lakjärvi. Therefore, the water can only be used when boiled. Coliformic bacteria was also found from e.g. Soikeroinen hut's well and Kangasmiekka-route's wells in Käärmeenlähde and hunting hut. Safe drinking water can be found from Rantapiha's sauna and Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut.

Events and services in the Kurjenrahka National Park

(Updated on 18th of June 2018)
There are many different events and services held in the National Park during Summer 2018. Some services, for example guided tours, are available in english. More information can be found in Kuhankuono calendar (www.kuhankuono.fi).

To the Kurjenrahka National Park with Föli City Bus

(Updated on 17th of May 2018)

Föli is starting to drive a new route (www.foli.fi) to Kurjenrahka National Park/Kuhankuono on 4 June 2018 and continue to do so until 12 August 2018. The busses 21 and 23 leave from the City Center, Kauppatori, and stop at the edge of Kurjenrahka National Park, where there is only a 200 meter walk on a guided path to the nearest hiking trail.

Duckboards in bad condition

(Updated on 26th of January 2018)
Trail Kurjenpesä – Töykkälä – Vajosuo is temporarily closed due to dangerously ill-conditioned duckboards. We apologize for the inconvenience.