Pallastunturi Circle Trails

Notice! There are bacteria in the well of the Open and Reservable Wilderness Hut of Hannukuru. Water must be boiled before use.
  • Taivaskeron kierros Circle Trail, 9 km
    Taivaskero Fell islocated 4 km from Pallastunturi Visitor Centre and the circle trail, whichleads to the top, is 9-km-long. Hikers should reserve 3 hours for this hike.The top of Taivaskero Fell is 340 metres higher up than the Visitor Centre. 
Taivaskero Fell is the highest point in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Photo: Heikki Sulander /
  • Palkaskeron kierros Circle Trail, 7 km
    Palkaskeron kierros starts from the Pallastunturi Visitor Centre. Palkaskeron kierros CircleTrail heads northeast by an old reindeer fence. There is a feeling of the oldentimes and atmosphere of reindeer husbandry which is still alive and well as thearea's livelihood.From the slopes of Palkaskero hill there is a magnificent view of the fells and of Lake Pallasjärvi. The difference in altitude between the Visitor Centre and the summit of Palkaskero hill is about 240 m.

    The trail rises over the fell's scree covered summit, where past visitors have left piles of rocks. Hikers are asked not to pile rocks on top of each other. The National Park's natural features should not be disturbed even in this seemingly harmless way. During foggy weather, the rocky top of the hill resembles a cemetery more than a fell top. 
  • Services: The trail leading from Palkasoja stream to the main road is part of a artistic landscape project and it has been named Orava-Avenue (orava = squirrel). The squirrels along the trail were designed by Mats Wickström and are symbolic of the world's religions and unity of the universe.       
  • Sights: A campfire site and an open and a reservable Lapp Hut by Palkasoja stream. Camping is permitted near the Lapp Huts. The site is an old camping ground, which has become park-like over the years.