Campfires may only be lit with the landowner's permission, or in the designated public campfire sites and cooking shelters in many national parks and other popular areas, where firewood is provided free of charge.

  • Photo: Ina TuominenCampfires may not be lit anywhere during forest fire warnings.
  • Forest fire warnings are announced during dry periods in the local media and on the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (
  • Camping stoves may be used with care anywhere.
  • Use the firewood provided at public campfire sites sparingly.
  • If you light a campfire elsewhere, choose a place someone else has already used if possible.
  • You may collect sticks and firewood from the ground, but not from living trees.
  • Do not burn any wastes that will give off toxic fumes.
  • Make sure you put out your campfire carefully.
  • Lighting fires is forbidden in many nature reserves, or it has been restricted in the protected area's charter. If a protected, wilderness or other type of area is subject to a management and utilisation plan and/or regulations, visitors must observe the entries made in these documents concerning the lighting of fires: in most parts of the country, fires may only be lit at designated campfire sites using the firewood available on site for the purpose. However, in the management and utilisation plans for the large protected and wilderness areas of Northern Finland, the right to light fires has been defined more freely; in wilderness areas, for example, it is largely allowed to use dry branches, twigs and small stumps as kindling.
    • Outside the mentioned protected and wilderness areas, fires must primarily be lit at the maintained campfire sites, if one is available within five hundred metres. For Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Northern Karelia, Metsähallitus has issued a decision outlining that when a maintained campfire site is not available, fires may be lit using dry branches, twigs and small stumps; south of these regions, however, lighting a fire requires special permission from Metsähallitus.
    • Information about campfires at each nature site's "instructions and rules" -section.